Ever considered being your own boss?

Have you ever wished you ran your own business or thought about working for yourself?

Carrickfergus Enterprise has helped hundreds of people to do just that.

Self employment is not the easy option, it takes lots of planning. You need to think about many things including sourcing funding and whether there is a gap in the market. Carrickfergus Enterprise can guide you through this task step by step and provide you with free, confidential and impartial advice via the Go For It Programme which is designed to help you prepare a business plan to map out your idea and to determine whether it is a viable option.

Staff at Carrickfergus Enterprise will assist you to:

  • Identify all the elements of your business, including people, markets and finance.
  • Pinpoint any gaps in your idea and help you to produce a comprehensive plan that you can use to access funding from banks or other organisations, such as Prince’s Trust.
  • Provide guidance on registering for self employment and understanding the legal issues that may affect your business.

Contact Carrickfergus Enterprise today to book an initial meeting with a business adviser.

Telephone 028 9336 9528 or e-mail info@ceal.co.uk

Flexible Business Support

  • Carrickfergus Enterprise has been providing a range of support to start up and established businesses for over 30 years. Its expert mentors and business advisers provide advice and guidance when you need it most. It has developed a range of innovative and practical solutions that assist budding entrepreneurs to grow and develop into viable businesses.
  • Carrickfergus Enterprise has a range of support available that can assist you to develop your business, including informative seminars or one-to-one mentoring.
  • Get your business off to the right start by contacting one of the team at Carrickfergus Enterprise on: Tel: 028 9336 9528 or e-mail: info@ceal.co.uk to find out more.
Exploring Enterprise Programme 


Exploring Enterprise Programme (EEP) is is a free programme which provides an insight into starting a business or allows you to take the first steps to gaining employment.

You do not need to have a business idea to join.

The programme offers mentoring and training at a pace tailored to your needs and you have the opportunity to work towards achieving a CCEA Level 1 Qualification in Understanding Business Enterprise.

You will be provided with one to one mentoring with an experienced business advisor in areas such as:

  • Marketing
    • Financial Planning
    • Introduction to HMRC
    • Job searching/assisting in writing of job applications
    • CV design / development
    • Searching for further education courses or other relevant training
  • To be eligible for this programme you must be:

  • Aged 16 or over
    • Legally able to reside and work in the UK
    • Unemployed/inactive or working/studying less than 16 hours per week; and
    • Not participating in any other government funded programme

    Go For It

    Have you got an idea for a business? Even the best ideas need a plan of action.

    A Business Plan doesn’t need to be daunting and we’re here to help you, with the tried and tested Go for it business start-up programme.

    Here’s our seven steps towards success. Go for it is FREE, so if you have an idea, take the next step, get in touch and let’s get you a plan.

    Growing Your Business

    Growing and developing your business is not an easy task. It requires hard work, passion and drive. You need many skills from building customer relationships, marketing to keeping your finances in check. You don’t need to do this in your own, getting help at every step of the way with expert guidance from Carrickfergus Enterprise and its team of mentors.

    It has a range of support initiatives that can help you take your business to the next level. Carrickfergus Enterprise can also provide further information and signposting for a range of organisations that can assist your business further.